…not as ice or another Nairobi morning in July,
But as a settled butterfly,
Enjoying the flower that is the moment it’s in, impeccable, irreplaceable,
Free of the implacable and simply magical, a moment in which everything and nothing passes by

You take the words from my lips,
Nothing I wish to tell you seems to have escaped your well-manicured fingertips,
You know me so well yet you don’t, a paradox as enchanting as the view from atop cliffs,
My breath you don’t steal like a thief-
instead you show me the need for it by counting as someone I’d miss were it ever amiss…
Hence I feel blessed with inimitable bliss,
Graced by a sign from above, telling me yours must be the ONE kiss-
that will leave me want of nothing and in need of only thee…

Chilled is the life I see for us,
No pressure and plenty of intellectual discourse, fun and games when we’re out of matters to discuss,
No fuss about whether I can afford your class,
For love knows no lust, and “us” never appeared in the word “caste”,
Honesty in its raw form, never too blunt nor too sharp; the basis of trust,
For what would a bridge be with no truss?

Chilled is how I see a future for not just me or you, but my posterity,
And what better way to build up to it than by taking the first step with someone who thinks similarly?
Well, as you answer that rhetoric wherever you may be,

I remain

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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