In truth…

Saying it will always be hard, but living with it harder,

Believing that it could be real was good, but it BEING real would have been better,

Depth comes in ebbs and flows, but in your case it was in waves that could shatter…




Crushing your own hopes is worse than having them crushed for you,

Staring at an end you’re walking into feels like dooming yourself in yours and the public’s full view,

But what do you do when what is so right would feel so wrong if it ever fell through,

It’s not a deal of any sort, more like a pact to stay true to self and partner, through sunshine yellow and moody blue,

But that would never have been the case for me and you, and accepting the truth, well, if only you knew.



Of course, and justifiably, you will feel that you’re the one who “lost time” in all this,

I agree that it was probably too much bliss in a short period of time that I for one will surely miss,

But if you think about it you’ll realise that you’re Venus while I am Mars,

And while I sit here on Earth with my internet connection and messaging apps,

You’re on another planet having fun sipping on your second (love)… tequila.



…I’m no judge, But out of the respect I must have for myself and you,

I must plead guilty and leave you before I say too much,

Before I lose myself trying to keep up, Before it’s too late for a dysfunctional us…

I must let you go and leave you to chart your path,

Accept that while you were sweeter than my dream of an Immortality Elixir,

I would only suffer the fate of being a stay-at-home brother,

Loving your smile and elegance by day, and left to ponder upon it by night –

while you’re charmed (maybe futilely) by another.



…I honestly think I met you at the wrong time,

And though no dime is worth a crime,

I was willing to forsake my philosophy if only to share another moment with your character so sublime.



But in the end my willingness was baseless, no dime is worth the crime of losing myself irrevocably,

And for that reason fair lady,

we remain not meant to be,

at least not at this point in time, given your present propensities…


Yours hopefully,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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