Once Upon A Time… Sadly Ever After

…we could have lived happily ever after,

I mean, she was there, and I was, there, but not; open book, reclusive chapter,

But that wasn’t the only factor that would leave her heart exposed and hardly flattered,

I ran, disappeared into the night like the bat being chased after by a researcher,

And just like that, I was in a place even darker, where nothing more seemed to matter,

The deepest of things made me confused, seemed to come to me in a different tongue, no banter,

I was estranged from my former self, like the bat is from the world in its cave, want of subject matter



I am hollow, full of air, a balloon awaiting the prick of The One, that I may no longer suffer and despair,

Yet in truth, solutions to the predicament I face seem meant to be, elusive in perpetuity for me,

I have lost the will to constantly spill the warmth that fills the heart that I once never concealed,

I am scarred, call me scorned, for my wrath has definitely left many reeling in its wake, the wake of a single ordeal,

I daresay I have found none that shall appease the beast within, and I now wonder if it should be left untamed, free-

will could be the end of the former self I once celebrated in silence, a me with a deeper appeal,

But what more can be done here if not let the sands of time settle, and hopefully, rebuild all that’s been lost to one fish in THE sea.



Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.


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