The Verse of Life

Relaxation, frustration, Kendrick Lamar type juxtapositions,

Staring out at a city alive, as people strive to survive and leave a legacy, or just live, the difference an intricacy

Beauty and the beast, lost in the beats is the essence of all things sweet,

Expressed in manners succinct, the details are irrelevant, entrails compared to the flesh we all crave, meat –

around the bones that give structure to all that we think, see, believe, work towards, fight to complete as we compete,

To be the best matters not the way I see it, the point must be to fulfil self and in turn provide for the system’s needs,



Education, passion, mission, life has a way of being such a vision,

Yet it makes us blinded with distractions, destruction, anticipation leads to unmet expectations,

We struggle, work hard, just like everyone in this city, we all seek to better out situations,

But life, well, life has a way of being an enigmatic, whimsical lady, the master and mistress of seduction,

The best dancer, wild and free, but just within grasp so we can guide her should we choose to, BUT, gracefully,

Else she turns on us with that menacing freedom of hers, and masters seduction to make our gullibility our downfall, naivety –

seems to define us with her, no perception can comprehend that aura, so, so, inexpressible, obscurity?


Ponder some more, wonder and explore, wander and do not ignore,

All that you see with her, will always define who you are, so the above of you I implore,

And remain, as always, need I say more?





Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.


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