Fairy Tales

Unicorn days, flying high, horn no longer shy,

Beautiful, mystical even, why would I be afraid of anything, smile,

I’ve been travelling for a while, life’s been interesting up here where the sun always shines,

The stars never seem so many miles, away, and I, have a say,

as to where I go, who I want to be, what I want to see,

I no longer have to say, “Set me free”, no one shall enslave my soul any more, never again shall I plea…



I set off expecting the best and prepared for the rest,

That’s the mind-set when each day is this blessed,

The trials and tribulations of days passed, are now offset by each day that I have a blast,

I’m convinced, that there is so much more to be gained from this phase of goodness,

So much to be enjoyed in this universe parallel,

Then *SNAP*, I’m back to being a Lone John…



Fairy tales take a toll on desperate males,

Fleeing 21st century mail and feeling blamed, they dream of better days, carrying joy-filled pails,

Yet all the while, the only fact is that we all remain as I do,



Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.

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