Other Things I Do…

Well, I never thought the day would come when I wouldn’t be posting poetry to my blog, but alas! After my birthday-cum-Mothers Day tribute to my late mother, call me inspired to offer a view into my other interests.

Two years ago, sitting in a room I can’t remember with people I may not fully recall, albeit at an AIESEC-related something, I saw a mind-blowing presentation. The thing that stuck with me from it was the word “Prezi”. And that’s what, two years on, has me crossing my fingers as I await a Skype interview to determine if I’ll get to represent the visual beauty of a software that is Prezi in my visual beauty of a university.

They say applications bring out the best in people, okay, I say that. Below is far from my best, but it’s definitely my best yet as I hope to get this Campus Ambassador opportunity. Feel free to drop your comments, criticisms, three or four cents too.

Technology fails me at this odd hour, so kindly follow this link as I sort out the embedding issues: http://prezi.com/k-dagzplizqr/campus-ambassador-prezume-evans-campbell-kenya/?kw=view-k-dagzplizqr&rc=ref-4602149

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