The Damsel…

Consider me inspired, for I found someone else to admire,

Life throws so many an opportunity at us and often we leave it squandered, as if undesired,

Until situations and times turn dire, and we need that one thing we threw off into the bonfire!



Well, I for one tend to think that in this life, passion is one thing we all need to possess,

A gift it is not, a choice is at the heart of it all, and OUR hearts give it essence!

Sometimes we make the design of true friendships such a process,

When art is free of influence and prejudice, it must be allowed to progress,

And THAT’s what friendships are, pieces of art in a mosaic that makes our lives on earth have presence!

So I decided I’d let the baby steps roll, and take every moment I have with you as it comes, striving to make each one better than the rest…



Life is such a mysterious mistress, more enigmatic than the one giving you stress young man. Yes!

When you want things to last forever, sometimes they just die out faster than a freshly lit ember, then – MESS!

You’re stuck on your own again and wondering if you have any blessings to count… Every single time you’re onto something, it ends with zero success… 

And at the end of it all you realise that the fault was yours and the results, it is you they shall relentlessly haunt, I guess…

you need to make the choice to be the best man you can be and swear that from that path you shan’t digress!



This life is cruel, and we all need our damsels to help us find a way to rule,

We need not assert this control over them, not all damsels need saving, the opposite is a mind-set reserved for fools,

But we do need to show compassion and love to them, be men worthy of their time and grime, complement their efforts, like hands do tools,

Apologise if we’re rude, know when to be assertive and when to be shrewd, make her laugh always and be the best you can be, cool,

Respect her, know that she will always show you what you show her, verisimilitude should be your guide to her heart, and hers to yours too,

And most importantly, let time fly, but not without you,

What’s knowing each other if not being together to see things through? 



I met a damsel, she made me see things I have been a tad blind to since I slipped and fell,

But I’m still circumspect while entranced by her spell, I may be a muggle, but I have to be the special kind as well,

As far as I can tell, time will be doing just that, while I take each passing day as it comes, with the sight of her making my heart swell…




Hopefully yours in perpetuity,


Hey, I’m Evans Mbora Campbell

You must be The Damsel.

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