…stole my gaze,

So powerful is the sight of her that I pray this is all just a phase,

How soon can I be falling when I have barely stood up again?

Yet this time I have nothing to gain,

Because hers is another man’s last name,

And I swore to myself that in such circumstances my passions I would tame.


…brings out the fire that I mask with smoke within,

I can’t help the fact that she makes me as concerned as the campaign Going Green,

I melt away and just want to be there to keep all that envelopes her serene,

But that would be stepping into a dangerous field with no protective means.


…remains the best I MAY never have as my love,

But I remain grateful for whatever I am granted, her presence in my life is enough,

The wish for more shall remain quite the unquenched thirst,

But the respect I bestow upon her essence and being keeps that wish as just that.


…shall remain the one with the warm embrace,

The one with the glowing, meritorious face,

The new friend who earned herself a golden place,

The beauty who walked into my heart’s room and left him addicted to her tactful grace.


…may not notice me,

But, I remain as I am to all who I cherish exceedingly,

To be there for her, however much I treat my feelings discreetly,



Hers in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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