Venus vs Mars

I’m simple,
She’s evil,
Not in the way you think, but clubs know she’s terrific and terrible,
I watch TV,
She barely sits still,
I don’t drink,
To her everything’s a spree,
She clubs,
I sit at home and think about spending time alone in the tub,
She teases my ease,
I tell her to try it out, I say please,
But by Friday she’s out again with those cronies,
Spending and cheating like me and her were never meant to be,
I know how wrong she is,
By the way she only calls when she’s in need,
“She doesn’t have my heart! Not after all this!”
I say those words severally as I pick her off the ground in her drunken stupor,
She says she loves me, and I know that’s probably the alcohol’s whisper,
I lay her on my bed once I get home; tonight her parents would bury her if she went there,
And I just sit and stare,
Her heavenly chest heaves and I can’t bear,
The thought of her life being so bare,
Bare of emotion, yet it is to her I give my devotion,
I’m simple, she’s evil,
I’m sober; she’s drunk as sour grapes,
I love her, but she knows not for her life is fraught with the influences in which she’s caught,
I don’t see why she can’t return to how I knew her,
How I loved her fair, sweet glimmer,
Her innocence made my heart slimmer,
Just because it would race every time I would see her,
I would wait behind the pole next to her class after late class; I was the bell-ringer,
And from there I’d watch her walk out and walk to the bus station, with only one friend,
And that was the trend throughout campus, the first year, and even in the second,
But now I wonder what ever happened to that lady I loved,
She is transformed, and not into a heroic robot,
But into a self-destructive lost being devoid of clear thought,
And I remain the same gentleman, who fell for her without second thought,
I know her now not,
She is lost,
I am Mars, she is Venus,
Beauty unlimited, but the vices of Earth stand between us,
I loathe what alcohol has made her, a victim of blind lust,
And I can’t do anything to save her, yet she’s going down fast,
When she wakes up tomorrow, I will have to tell her how I feel, irrespective of our past,
I’ll have to be the one to leave, this life of expenses and being drunk and senseless is nonsense,
I can’t take it any more; I leave her to earth now,
Where I met her and where I lose her,
Earth, where Venus lost her heart to the bitter drink that now on her breath lingers,
And where, as my final kiss to her forehead I deliver,
I shall live her be, my lost lover…



Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.

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