The Married Man

“How is it that you are in my arms,
I own nothing, I don’t believe I charm,
Every time I’m with you I wonder how come,
Am I lucky, why is it that with you I find a qualm?
Yet, I know that you mean me no harm,
I know how deeply in love I am with you and I hum-
And sing everyday and night, praying that you give me no cause for alarm!”

“I love you, is that really how I feel?
Because somehow I feel something I can’t conceal,
Something more powerful, hard to reveal,
I feel like I know you, but everyday a new secret about you you spill,
You keep coming back, even when we lose touch and I say US needs to chill,
You are the reason I sing,
Yet at times you make a man want to take a knife and himself kill!
You make me mad, sometimes sad,
Other times I’m just happy and glad,
How is it that you keep me on my toes,
You make me willing to have so many foes,
Simply to keep you, to me, close.
Is there any way I can expose-
The spell that you use to make yourself hard to dispose?
Or am I in your cage of painful love enclosed?
Your hair, your body, your scent,
Your accent, how on the stairs yours is a graceful descent,
How you constantly have me spent,
How you make want to satisfy you with no relent,
How I feel inclined to pay everything, even the rent,
But, to end my gallantry and show your sovereignty, you are bent…
Is all this why I feel you are heaven-sent?
Is this why you are not with me but WITHIN me every second we spend,
Together or apart I love you, adore you, want our whole beings to be joined forever,
But I, I, I have a wife and children, so my wish shall see fulfilment never!
Shall die with you for you are that sinful pleasure,
You are that extraordinary flavour , the one I wanted, but I shall never have you ever,
Shhhh, you are this married man’s treasure,
You are the opal, hidden in an apartment in Weisto somewhere,
And the intricacies that we happen to share,

Are to be kept between us alone, forget the others, I don’t care,
This has nothing to do with any other!
But most of all, keep it from your mother!
You know my wife is her friend, if she were male; she would be like her brother!
Plus, let us not forget that if you say such things, we both stand to lose,
I my family, but I can remarry easily, I’m so free to chose.
However, you could be forced to surrender this job whose-
President happens to be my good friend; he would hate break-up news…
Then where will you find the money to use,
When you have to pay rent, pay for food, and pay for cable to watch the news,
This is not blackmail by the way, these are facts, I’m showing you-
what could happen if you try to abuse
the fact that you are my mistress, the woman I leisurely use.
So, stay with me and dare not move,
Or you’ll find yourself in my noose,
With no one to cut you loose,
I’m the married, promiscuous man, who has nothing to lose!


By yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.

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