I won’t lie and say that it’s not hard to wake up everyday,
Especially now that sleep has become as evasive as Nairobi robbers by day,
I remember the times you would wake up at around six,
And I’d joke around and tell you that that was an old people’s trick,
I remember how we’d fight about what I CAN and CAN’T cook,
And how you taught me everything you could, every chance you got, you took,
I remember how you would never give reminding me the importance of organization a rest,
And how you always expected a good result from whichever test life sent,
And I remember my reactions towards all these actions, mixed reactions, but in the end, I knew your advice was always best,
Because my brother and father can stand boldly and attest,
That you taught me and Richard everything we could ever know, and for that WE know you are blessed,
You even taught us how to fold our clothes, let alone getting dressed!
You taught us that TRUE friends are best and should reach out to you too just like you reach out to the rest,
You taught me that irrespective of the fact that my relationship with most of my cousins seems miniscule and superficial,
I shouldn’t tire in my efforts to make it more of importance, to make it supersede just being official,
So I try to talk to them like you said, but it’s not so simple,
I look up to them, but I doubt they feel it in conversation,
But even though this is the case,
I know that life is a continuous chase,
Ergo, it is described as The Pursuit for Happiness,
And I know that it is for that reason that I must seek out great and cherishing friends,
JUST like YOU did,
Your hospitality was ALL the world could ever need,
Your smile when we just joked around could light up a mile,
And I know I made fun of how you said ‘Hello’ on phone, but that was only because that hello made me ignite with warmth inside,
You never hid the fact that you needed my help at times,
And though we had our fights, I would take a bullet for you any time!!
I can’t thank you enough mum, you never realise what you have till it’s A BIT farther from you,
And that’s where you are, A BIT farther but still in our lives, FOREVER our mother,
Forever the one who taught me and my brother,
Forever the one who taught me that in hard water, soap does not lather,
Forever the one who could do handy work, even FIXING my shower,
The strongest lady even in her final hour,
The warmest heart even when things were sour,
The loveliest smile, even when your body lacked power,
I declare that I shall be proud to celebrate your life as I live mine,
And that so will Richard, we both intend to shine,
We BOTH intend to give dad a hand even when he needs something that he can’t seem to find,
We’ll be good, because I know you taught me to HATE unnecessary expenses,
You taught me that alcohol and cigarettes and all drugs are just what man believes to be defences,

But are instead just means to ensure that death is a process hastened,

I stand here because the Lord chose you to be my mother for life,

To see me through, even in times of strife,
Your care and affection,
Your genuine devotion,
Your inward and outward passion,
Remain imparted upon us all,
That we do not remember all the pain you went through,
But all the love you gave through and through,
And I know this is my first presentation of my poetry to YOU and the family,
But I know that you appreciated my work, and for that I am happy,
And I shall finish my poetry book slowly,
But be sure that it will be dedicated to you, GLADLY,
For in this life I realise that I have loved no woman more than I loved thee,
And for that, may the LORD take care of you as he always did while you were busy loving we three,
And may you rest in the solace of the fact that you remain in our lives in perpetuity!
Joyce Muthoni Campbell, rest in the Lord’s peace and serenity,

From your first-born son, representing the immediate family,
Evans Mbora Muthee Campbell,
A gentleman moulded by your love and clarity.


(Read at my late mother’s funeral on March 12 2010)

One thought on “DEAR MUM

  1. joy says:

    Evans no doubt your mum is so proud of you,really touching note to her…
    and yes please do finish your poetry book, i’d love to read that! 🙂


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