…comes from having an abundance of this beneficial nuisance called hope,

Yes, I said “nuisance” because every instance where the world says “NOPE”

there’s nowhere for you to go and you can’t return from whence you came, out of rope,

You cudgel your brain trying to see a chance, but even at second glance your prayers are as good as futile and you can’t cope…

…persists, it seems to seek all that leaves us weak,

Wants us to purge our urge to look beyond the bleak,

Makes us submerge our beings in a bid to have ourselves sink,

Convinces us that tomorrow will make no difference for the umpteenth time this week,

You can close your eyes, draw the blinds, but disappointment is quite to happiness what to Christmas is The Grinch…

…is the result of an investment turned debt,

Little did you know that where you were so vested would be your death bed,

You trusted your intellect, willed the right way and lost the bet you had left,

Such, I tell you, is the treachery of disappointment…

… , I shall get over you, forgive your terrible effects on my affectivity,

Look for serendipity, you know, that gift from spontaneity that comes when you least expect it,

Smile at my iniquity, and forgive that of others, they’d do better had they an opportunity,

Live each day as if negativity was effaced from our reality at the turn of the century,

Yeah, I think I can do all that, surely it’ll be easier than hoping and having my heart hurt repeatedly,

But that doesn’t help me in the end really, I mean, not hoping and positivity can never exist as a duality

Aaargh! I’m disappointed again, look at this quagmire I find myself in as I try to abridge a piece with finality,

Maybe this shall continue some other time, it seems I can find no good end at the beginning of February…

I do remain, most certainly,

Yours in perpetuity,


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