The Little Things

Months, days, hours, minutes, it’s all just a matter if digits,

Yet it’s simply amazing how these digits determine so many happenings,

From inklings to feelings, ideas to dealings, there’s so much in these sand grains,

We spend our lives wondering what our purpose is, when it’s spelt out in them, L.I.V.E,

There is so much we lose by being blue when the only thing that’s most true is that we’re still alive, me and you,

But nature makes you trust in the faint, unimportant sources of sadness, as opposed to the fact of being that is objective and everyone’s due,

When the essence of our existence ceases to be the passionate pursuit of happiness, we betray ourselves, sacrilege even,

For what could be more honourable than seeking our own good, aside from seeking that of others, I find contradiction of this reasoning beaten,



Sometimes we seem to just forget how far we’ve come, the number of times we’ve escaped harm,

We ignore the little things, the lady with the bright white smile (charm), she said “Hi” this morning but you were too busy cursing your alarm,

The policeman, he helped clear the jam but you were too engrossed in your worries about what turned out to be an easy exam,

Your mum, she just wanted you to try peanut butter and jam, but you were too “picky” come lunchtime so you leave it to your boy Sam…



We live each day and wake up to the next the same way, like the world owes us an edited replay,

Sweat the small stuff and whine, yet we don’t even have it rough, top of the food chain and never been prey!

I guess just as man is never satisfied, he may never fully appreciate the beauty of it all, just being alive and awake,

But all the same, no one is to blame for what comes with our core, though attempting to be better is why we’re intelligible anyway…



“Live it, love it” I say; peace, love, unity and respect,

“Don’t hate, appreciate”, these are verities we mustn’t reject,

Embrace, harness and protect,

Be, see and reflect,

Whichever way you choose to go though, go for your best…


Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.

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