The Best You Ever Had

Is just that, now long gone and that’s a fact,

Lies in your past, swept away by the currents of time as they passed fast

Is never coming back, wishing it did is trapping yourself in a void cold and dark,

Must be left to be as it is, once so real but now the equivalent of a fad…



Remains rooted in your being, it’s unfortunate that how deeply it would be was unforseen,

You’ll always compare and contrast, colours before your eyes will always seem too blue when green,

You’ll have reminiscent flashbacks, you’ll swear you saw many things, daydreams,

But it will all amount to nothing, because ultimately, what’s elapsed is never returning…



Haunts you, beckons your soul, takes a toll,

It will drive itself clean through, burn a hole, pain so searing it leaves you blind as a mole,

Such is the torture due, when your longing spins out of control, you’ll never be consoled



Is behind you now, live life today the best way you know how,

Wipe tears from your cheek and turn things around,

Be in the present, it’s something you can’t regret even when you have to wipe sweat from your brow,

Plus who knows when the next best thing will come to you, the future’s but a mysterious cloud…




Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.

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