Wheels and Cogs

So this world continues to revolve,

I’m chock-full of woes and wondering what issues first I should solve,

But little do I know that no one really cares or wants to get involved…




“C’est la vie” and “Que sera sera” is apparently how multilingual things are,

No one gives a damn about the harm caused by not giving one, we all are satisfied by par,

Nothing freaks us out, we fear not being below the bar,

Taking any affirmative action is destructive, going too far,

When does it all stop, when do we realise that indolence is reaching for everything BUT the stars?




Reading blogs and thinking long and hard about how much we are retards,

When really sometimes it’s just us being too blind to infer that we’re so much better, vision blurred,

We sit and wonder when we’ll find so many things that aren’t as important as knowing who we are, image marred,

We fail to look forward to tomorrow and  instead focus on the black of the past,  hope we discard.



Wheels and cogs, trees become logs and so the story of life goes, it moves on,

Heels and fashion, curtains get drawn and as the night sets in, truths emerge and from the false we are torn,

Seals and bonds, mountains seem tall but in the end all obstacles approached with the right mind-set are gone…



Leave the rest to the wind, whenever it chooses to fall through it will,

But oil your wheels and cogs and be, anything less and it’s your own dreams you kill,

Close your eyes from time to time,  it’s the best way to see, because it allows you to feel,

Let your heart guide you to every rendezvous, but your mind control WHEN you seal the deal…



While you’re all at it I’ll remain,

Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.

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