When/What the heart wants…

…it yearns, the sensation of the experience feels like it burns,

You’re uncertain about how much longer you can last before it forces you to turn,

You can’t stand the sight of the object of your desire yet it’s all you require to become satisfied, paradox never learns!




…it drives you to lengths, you would swim the deepest depths,

brave waves of the highest heights, if only to hold that one thing as you gasp your final breaths,

Life has a way of twisting and turning until you can’t tell whether all your hard work makes any sense,

You clutch at straws and always end up the one with the most flaws when the one you want picks their best,

You throw in a star performance and the stunts that should win the contest, but like a slipping ballerina, off the stage you pirouette…




…you see nothing but that which it desires, the thought of it seems to linger so much it haunts,

You become enslaved by the thought of all the brilliance of the thing, losing your being bit by bit dreaming of how you would flaunt,

Forgetting with time to see if it’s feasible, this acquisition of that which you want,

Forgetting that life can be cruel, sometimes it doesn’t give you a thing, it just hangs it before you and taunts,

You reach for it and SNAP go its jaws!




…you’ll know, how could you fail to when clearly even your actions show,

Your passion will seem to find new meaning in the one item never worth concealing, and it will only continue to grow,

The currents become waves and you become brave, seeking fulfilment more perspicaciously than ever before,

Life, however, tends to bring out a bag of tricks with it and put on a show just as you thought you were clear to go…




…is simply that, what more can you give it over time or in an instant,

What it wants can be based on opinion or established fact,

But the truth of the matter will always be that you were probably better off without it, it’s your needs that should come first,

Separating the two, wants and the latter, can prove to be such a task,

Which is why we were each given a brain and friends, because when the former fails, we’ll need someone to ask…




…is a lot of things to try and sum up,

but brief as this is, take home what you can for life has a way of not being your #1 fan,

Sometimes that involves seemingly placing a ban on all that wonderful stuff we call “plans”,

We WANT them so bad, but in this realm, we must accept that there are also “can’t”s,

Which override all wants and “will”s to leave us helpless and disturbed, but that will always be with us, like ants…



Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.


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