Friends of Convenience

I stir beside you and stare, the reality of things lays right before me but do I dare…

wake it up, disturb she that only hours ago I pleasured with a passion I lay bare,

The fact of the matter is, there’s only so much comfort I can give at this point in the morning, she has to leave…



“Wake up…”, I pause for a few seconds as I collect words floating in my mind, letters I reckon will give me the name with which I am to beckon…

her, because I can’t recall anything from last night aside from aforementioned passion and my final hushed whisper as detumescence struck my weapon…



Finally, I figure it out, “Rebecca”, I say, but she opens her eyes and then and there fills me with doubt,

“Wrong name my friend, once again”, I tell myself in disbelief, not that self-admonishment brings with it any relief, she’s staring at me as if I should be the one getting out,

Back to the point of my mistaken half-shout, I was three-quarter of the way through with my attempt to get her leaving my house,

So I look back right into her eyes and say, “We’re done for today, thanks for yesterday… Shall I walk you on your merry way?”, her expression screams OUCH,

I remain gaze fixed, brow steady and without even a flinch, gently leave my bed and head for the couch,

“Are these yours?”, she’s as mute as a trapped mouse,

“I think they are, here you go Blair…”, I just did that renaming thing again, how many women do I really know, that much clout?



Her eyes are wider than ever, she’s had enough of this idiotic behaviour for one morning, “Clever!”

I just look on, unaware of why she praises my intelligence yet her eyes bear words with different intent, “I’m flattered, but are you about to get out of that bed, my boys have a habit of walking in whenever…”

She stares on, finally beginning to move deliberately, even dressing with purpose and picking up her purse, maybe I truly AM clever,

then she walks up to me, eyes so deep I realise why I had to steal her away from that marvellous club, The Keep,

She kisses my cheek, then my upper lip, so precise I’m too helpless to reciprocate it,

Then a sharp ache suddenly takes over as my hands reach to try and alleviate this new pain,

A kick to the groin from a woman scorned, I should have seen this coming long before,

The kisses were just sacrificial pawns, this was the final move, the self-proclaimed king falls,

Which is what I did, quite literally, “Damn, right in the balls…”, I managed to cough…

“Will I see you again?…”, all I got as the door opened behind me was “Never…”, then she was gone.



(Inspired by random thoughts about today’s “dogs”)



Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell

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