Call this falling in bliss. okay, call it the Java piece, random as one Thursday kiss,

I reminisce about the peace and piss that 2012 has been, 12 months in,

A lot has happened I must admit, spirits dampened, hearts broken, bridges burned, new love emerged,

Friends were made, darkness became shade, drama became as weekly as primary school parade,

21 I became, fame and shame were put in the same frame,

I played games, they did too, wild and untamed the enigma just kept living up to its name.

School was cool, when Playstation 3 and FIFA 13 became the daily routine,

A La Mode we attended as 15, 4K is the team and to date, we’re still laughing,

Men of honour I met, great people who continue to show their strengths,

2013 is a year I haven’t really dreamt about, I’m unsure and filled with doubt pertaining to how things will turn out,

However, in the spirit of being the master of my own endeavours, I’m purposing to make memories that will last me forever,

A day shall come when all I do to stand tall starts with simply being small,

That day is somewhere in 2013, I get the feeling that that much can be foreseen.

Presently, work is underway to make some headway with my many a foray with the fairer sex we men love and praise,

It all starts like everything else in my past, slowly but surely until I can find a solution that lasts,

At the moment, I’m not making too much progress in that regard, but I dare not lament yet…

Some phases, I realised the hard way, are as unavoidable as a winner emerging in races,

Just as that winner faces his challenges, so must I live out this series of events, sometimes taking chances and losing bets –

but always striving to do my best to deal with dents and salvage whatever is left when everything is spent.

2012 aye! Cheers to you and all I learnt, many thanks for the joyful yellow and the gloomy blue,

For the brothers, my father, best friends too,

Those I lost, those I found and those I always knew,

For AIESEC and its revelations, the reality of life and its temptations,

My 21st and its celebrations, even my successful voter registration is a milestone worth a mention,

It’s been REAL, 2012 has been no Raw dEAL

Hence I remain, now and God-willing, beyond 2013,

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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