Say it isn’t so…

…that you’re not actually doing this bro,

that you don’t actually see a future for the two of you after I made it clear that she must go,

Is it true you took her under your wing and nursed her until her own she could grow?

Do you really care enough to bare the rough times ahead for the two of you should this proceed? Simply answer “Yes” or “No”?

I hate you by the way, just so you know…



…that you didn’t actually take advantage of the crisis I was going through to plot your way into-

her heart, that place where my face was the epitome of grace, say you didn’t do just that dude,

I can’t stand this attitude you seem to have grown over time, you no longer want to hear me speak, write a rhyme, but leave me out of your onslaught on gratitude!

I showed you the way, not because I wanted you to walk it, but because I knew you could help me pave a new one if the need arose, but you,

you had a different alternative to my selected route, one that favoured you no doubt, where I’m left to lose as you cuddle and snooze by her side, buy her shoes,

you planned all this, sabotaged my muse when the chance presented itself, made her seem worse than terrorist reports on the news,

just so that you could have her to yourself when the curtains closed and everyone had left the pews. 



…that you didn’t become the Grinch and steal the joy from my story,

that you’re not not sorry,

that you actually care about the fact that you tactfully shred my heart via a third-party,

that you know this doesn’t end here despite the fact that I write this laughing,

that you realise I’ll be pleased when you sleep without ease and dream of how you’ll need to appease me…



…for I no longer wish to say I’m yours in perpetuity,


I’ll walk away from this with my dignity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.

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