*** don’t shine here…

*** don’t shine here where it’s cold and grim and nothing but sin seems to come from him,

His actions are unclear as the light that guides them always seems to dim or IS too dim,

Life and love, interesting yet chances of surviving both seems to be slim seeing as everyone dies, logic that escapes most it may seem,

All the same, it’s the small things that he can’t understand, from the way he can defend his stance only to realise later that it was all equivalent in essence to an inconsequential chant,

Why must he rant when it would be much simpler to keep his mouth shut and let the actions speak louder? Is the trait so reluctant? 

Is it that he has lost all the charm he once had in an instant? Is his development to remain stunted, the sharpening of his tips done, all to be left blunt?

Has he been so blunt with all but too light-hearted with himself, the pot calling the kettle black?

In light of all that he faces in times current, it seems the above is apparently fact…





*** don’t shine here where things remain capricious yet he dares to predict them, ambitious?

Ignoramus is more like it, bashing his lack of brilliance in the face of several a chance would be lightening the sentence to that of the undeserving of it, unrighteous?

Yes, but of course, how else would you explain the fact that all that’s so vain is no longer looked down upon with disdain but exalted as if precious?

Life and love, “What and WHAT?” he may ask…



*** don’t shine here, to be quite sincere, all things dear left in a time that must have clocked over a year,

The frost that has engulfed the heart he once knew is yet to thaw, too strong is its grip on the only organ that could beat and hear,

If there was any chance that it could be rescued, it rested in the one he may well slowly and painfully have to loosen his embrace for, life and love?

Probably giving him a sneer as they jeer while he shrinks back into the cold dark corner he attempted to leave, where things queer all appear dear,

and finding what is right for you is based on sheer happenstance, quite the predicament even for those armed with the right gear…



*** don’t shine here probably because the only one that ever did turned out to be a reflection in the water for him,

The one thing you trust so truly, hold onto almost unnaturally, becomes your wreckage in a moment as short yet as long as a Golden Bells hymn,

You can’t take out the frustrations in a gym, neither can you listen to the saddest music and sing along, nothing seems to make the wounds heal,

The fireplace where the furnace once burned remains empty and full of ash, embers that attempt to burst into flames forever cursed to appeal,

Yet he is told that from this, hope can be found, he can survive to be living and loving again, something The Jaded of his type never believe in…



Oh well, he can only take each day as it comes and dream, what else can a man do when all that once made him whole seems to drop away from him by his own doing?

Apparently because of things passed he can’t begin to relate to in the present reality within which he seeks what is fulfilling?

Questions that hopefully won’t remain unanswered while I am




Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.

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