The only thing…

…keeping him sane at the moment is the fact that like a pilot in a crashing plane, he’s hoping,

…keeping him humane is the fact that none can plan for the worst of happenings,

and he’s no exception to the rule, irrespective of his thought school, helpless he is in the face of his sins,

He’s admittedly a fool, doing things to interfere with what he wants to build, destroying all that he could ever hope to yield, self-destructive


…that can explain his present existence is the fact that he’s sitting there, writing in the present tense, venting?

Maybe not, maybe he just can’t stand to face the ceiling when the floor is all he’s accustomed himself to, kneeling



…that can explain his stance so lost in the presence of inexplicable, unprecedented pain, is possibly the fact that he’s been so vain,

Selfish, egocentric, sanctimonious, self-righteous, ignorant and errant, none, from any of all this, stands to gain,

but like the fifth attribute implies, he was negligent when the knowledge of it was laid before him that he may salvage shreds of himself from the looming battering

and now he swallows the pill that came with his Consequence prescription, accepting reality as, to see, plain



…that life hasn’t managed to ravage is his passion for what he loves,

It is all that he has safely caged to offer courage in the face of imminent corruption from what he has done,

He shall survive only because he believes he can be freed, thus he shall sojourn in this hell and mourn, the flames are where he shall be reborn



…that life hasn’t managed to become is endless paradise, a pipe dream for all he guesses, but one that he supposes we’d all find nice,

He believes in the end of all bad things in life, but that of all good things seems to be what keeps his satisfied,

so he decides that he shall fight through the sloughs of depression to find a resurrection, hopefully a wonderful afterlife



…I know  for sure,

is that he meant it when he said he was sorry, expecting everything, even nothing



I remain his equal, foe and friend, understanding his predicament but admonishing him for it,

His conscience in the face of the circumstances, never shall he lose sight of what he did



Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.

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