In light of recent events and trends I’m left right where I started,

At the end of the beginning where winning must be seen as knowing that I’m losing,

Where seeing the truth is only possible when I embrace my blindness to the falsehood,

In the land of the living many roam dead and yet I call them friends,

We know not where this path we call life goes yet we follow it as if sacred,

Where is the faith when all is well and right in the world, why does it only appear when we cry and no one’s there to hear?




Ring the alarm that I may know when it’s safe to be calm,

Show me  not your charm, I think that can only cause me harm and leave me perturbed and mum,

Kiss me slowly that I may be numb, forgetting the pain that is imminent, yet to come,

Walk with me as we survey this dam and tell me when you think we should dive in wholeheartedly…

See not one, but two, not three but we, be not will, make your dreams nothing less than real.




Tired of walking and wondering, but weary if stopping and acting,

Apathy sets in, blowing like a lifeless wind, cold and almost cunning as it shapes fallen leaves into an evil grin,

Hate me not but love me never, I think I think so much yet I actually don’t think enough,

Love what I have? Probably the case but I am blind to my own, setting other matters on shelves above,

In the end am I what I suspect I am, calm, collected and free of distress in the face of situations in which I am unarmed?

Or do I wear a face I cannot trace out with my own hands, too afraid that with cracks, thorns and toxins it is laced?

Confusion sets in, thoughts degenerate into din, the pandemonium should be made a sin,

But there is so much beauty in unguided musing, hence this inspired scribbling.




Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.

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