In the face of…

…her grace I am an ace in the race,
Sure to not keep the pace but instead erase any chance that others shall prevail and win, victory is all I taste,

…her glance I’m entranced, I’m helpless and absorbed by romance,
Stuck in a most intricate dance yet swiftly pirouetting as if made for the stunts,
I’m empowered yet made impotent, lost in the content of the mystery that is she, escape perchance?
MAYBE never seems best to satisfy that question’s demands…

…death I’m fearless, my seams split not under stress,
I’m under duress only because I miss her caress, one by which I’ve never had the chance to be blessed, but that seems to have traced it’s path across the left side of my chest,
I’m lost in the sweetness that is her voice, careless yet circumspect I become all at once, she drives me to my best,
It seems I’m caught in a maze, heart set ablaze by that which extinguishes it, the ultimate test,
Yet my mind is set on going against the odds and holding on to she that is my strength and weakness, for what is love if not the merger of the two in essence…

Your object of affection becomes that which leaves you sometimes in delusion,
Other times you’re lost in making conclusions but found in moments of seclusion when you leave life free to flow and just enjoy its inclusion,
Such is life then, the equivalent of all that you let happen and what you make of it when it does, decision,
…this knowledge I choose HER, that I may see a better day by her side and brave the less happier times that are life…

…all this I am,

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell,

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