Found my rhythm…

…swimming in the feelings of bliss often referred to as being smitten,

Many may say that having been ridden of a love for so long should have left me far from interested in women,

yet undeniable is not only the chemistry but sentimentality that drives the attraction to the fairest of them,

I often argue that we men have become increasingly content with creating an image of self-fulfilment in which we seem emotionless –

defining sentiment and emotions, affections and all that could be meant by inexplicable attractions beyond the physical as weakness!

If that were so, how then would any of us have come to be and how do we expect to see to it that we have children, the assurance that we are to be unforgotten?

…winning over not hearts, but my own parts back that I may start to finally embark on something serious,

Having been lost, spirit broken apart and dispersed for so long I thought it impossible to find the ability to piece it back –

I can finally stand proud, knowing that now I am one whereas I once was none, intact…

…reading old messages and recounting lost tales that I chose to see as fails,

For the visages in my past can only clarify what I need to do to make those that follow last, for longer than just days,

Experience must surely have taught me something, and in the interest of obeying my pedagogue, I object not truths I have learnt from mistakes since paid for, errant ways,

Life deserves so much more than claiming to have tried, the lies must be expelled and the relent must forever be less, patience pays



…being yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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