I Walked Out…

…and left you standing there to stare at my silhouette as I drifted farther away, so far I went,
Once we were certain that for each other we were best, short-lived moments had us convinced that we were each other’s safest bet,
YET, now I can barely remember the last time our eyes met without leaving me feeling less adept at speech or completely taking away my ability to comprehend the importance of a complete sentence!
I’m finding myself on the ground, the floor upon which I have knelt with my back bent and my neck spent, staring at an empty space and wondering where your feet, those I once kissed, went…

…and they say that “Such is life” amongst many other things I think are merely meant to sway,
But as the days lapse and my brain remains seemingly entrapped in the thought of all that I did that caused dismay, I begin to feel their proposition makes sense, in a way,
I could benefit from not blaming myself for every “Goodbye” I deliver with a *sigh* and a response characterised sometimes by just short of a cry,
But instead I continue to let the pressure on my self pile and continue to defy my own wishes, acting as if unaware that I deserve the best and the better has to be encountered sometimes.

…so you may have no doubt that I will not return, for in as much as the initial stages may burn, it’s for the best that another page we turn.

From life and love, the strife and pain that comes from all of the above, all we can ever do to gain from the sinking ship is LEARN.

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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