Act Like You Know…

…that I’m not here just because I’ve got a role and it involves lending you an ear,

Like you can see that I dare not deceive when clearly I’ve given more than I would for the common fair lady,

Like you hear it in my voice when I refer to thee, or when I achieve a sense of clarity in your presence, filled with Glee,

Like you can feel the serenity that eventually prevails even when for a second or three, ire dominates a scene involving you and me!





…that if I really didn’t see anything beyond the complex simplicity that defines you, I would have been quick to pursue another course with a resolve more true,

Yet I apparently settled for your flaws and perfections, your good and your bad infectious despite my remonstrations, I have no clue –

how it is just you that can colour my Monday blue, then return colour to it, a black and white picture you drew which now has you filled with  rue –

becomes the next best thing any of us ever knew and its grim beginnings disappear, dismissed as easily as the untrue!





…that I wouldn’t put so much effort into this if I thought it wasn’t a battle to be fought,

I’ve admittedly made my mistakes, serious transgressions that led to heartfelt confessions, THAT cannot be forgotten, and I expect that up it will be brought,

But the only reason I found the strength to not be a cunning fox, is because hiding things from you would only make me more of an idiot!

I know not what could possibly liberate from this emotional net within which I lie caught,

but I do know that I put myself out there prepared for the result, and I’m not sure if you would take me as I am based on what I’ve got –

a closet with skeletons, a heart with whims and a head with dreams, I could just be the next guy you give a NOT…






…I can’t be perfect at reading the unwritten,

Actions may be said to speak louder than words, but opening your mouth remains an action in the end,

If you could speak out what you think and let out whatever it is that you feel, I’m but a recipient of your will, albeit a recipient smitten,

If I could see into your heart and mind as you probably can see into mine, I would possibly survive knowing my fate to be sealed and if negative, be once bitten,

But for now I grope helpless at the mercy of actions you say I should assess but that only cause my curiosity to deepen, as questions you wouldn’t answer continue to ring bells in my head…






…that I CAN deal with what will follow from all this, antecedents support my claims,

I have had my fair share of defeats at the hands of the beautiful, and in the face of it all, I challenged my aims,

I regrouped my pieces, made myself a man as I once was, scarred but ever-determined to see to it that this human heart remains,

That heart in which you’ve slowly began encroaching, warming even, after several winters left it tainted and devoid of hope, vain!






…all of me, though you might argue it to be acting prematurely, wishes to be yours,

whether or not that tenure lasts into perpetuity, we can only leave to the Lord,

but what matters is that you know,

Evans Mbora Campbell/Muthee, is available on the shelf of your nearest store,

Currently with an indefinite Best Before.





Yours in perpetuity,

~Evans Mbora Campbell~

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