Save me a dance…

…for maybe tonight shall be my last,

Despite my past, I would wish to enjoy a final moment enthralled by your trance,

Lost at first glance, entranced and want of ideas on how to advance,

Mind set on being close enough to you to have a chance, but body frozen in the instant, 

Heart fixed upon letting you know of all sentiments at last, but body rooted in an immobile stance…



…I’ve waited for one for so long that my heart no longer beats warm,

For the cold of longing has had all warmth it once had from it torn,

I wonder if even all who thronged around me while you were gone stole some of it only to leave me cold and forlorn…

No matter, the fact that counts at this very moment is that I’m with you, and playing all around is our song,

The fires once dying away can live again, reborn,

At the touch of your hands, my face can once again, glow!




…for you were never forgotten, for oh so long was I smitten,

You had me at, words seem to be lost to me, I was enchanted by your very ACTS, driven,

You didn’t need to say a thing for my “Top Ten” to evanesce and your form to emerge in its place, overwritten,

Just come closer that I may share the magic of this moment, my last I regret, but that, by the fates, was chosen to justify my imminent end




…you know you will NEVER live to have time better spent,

No other love can be more heaven-sent, none other than I is more hell-bent-

on seeing you happy and pleased, heart and mind at ease that my woes may be laid to rest, silenced



…that I may truly leave as 

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.


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