All or Nothing

I’m pushed to my deepest corners by my own desires,
My own hands dare not touch the results of their dexterous acts, fearing that they would be unable to bear the weight of the facts, arsonists’ fires,
But why hide behind eyes whose glint has come to gradually define that which others can see in mine? Eternal fires!

Why should I run away from truths that remain unchanged, divulged or withheld, their consequences must, with, still be dealt!
The answer to that remains ever-present yet, from this point on, irrelevant in the substance of the words, “Not just yet!”
For when, where and how else would I say it and lessen the blow? How else would I show that this is far from just pettiness?
Is it by thinking that time would heal the unseen scars and numb unfelt pains? No rhyme recited can reach the deaf with their eyes closed and the former line of thought remains without gains, no different!

“You deserve it…” I tell myself,
For who else could be blamed for a fall from grace induced by self other than their self?
No amount of words can change the events of days, hours or seconds past, so I choose to take them as they are, bracing for the backlash to be felt,
No amount of wealth can hide a man from guilt, and accepting it is the first step towards self-help,
But I’m guilty of having tried to use a wealth of excuses to escape saying what really mattered, probably at my expense…

Count me a man scolded by life, taught by internal, disconcerting strife –
that NOTHING is worth EVERYTHING when it’s given to anyone that means something to you, you stand to lose them for trying to balance on the edge of a knife!
Dare to be the better man, usually the judged one but at the end of the day, remorseful and right,
Despite not being so bright, there are better ways to win inner battles than yielding to the outer enemies that you fight,
And learning that the hard way is a lot worse than taking the safe route and following the light,
But the lesson that remains at heart is the only lesson that one can act upon to change the direction of their flight…
save themselves from a perilous plunge and lead themselves to a less tragic plight.

Take that lesson, use it as your shield against a myriad of weapons and give your ALL to those you reckon…
could well be worth your every second!

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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