The One…

…is a mystified being, exalted by many, sought by even more, and yet not seen by those hordes, many lie in graves, hearts unsettled but bodies still,
So who is this magnificent human, why is their existence as important as acting upon the foreseen? What is it that they bring to the fore that seems to implore us all to seek her as if possessed even by her gleam?
Why must we leave the fun or bore, just to plunge to depths to which we have never been, challenging our every inkling just to satisfy less certain ones, questioning the beliefs at our very core, but still setting our sights, on them, ever so keen?

…leaves us breathless we say, yet our hearts still pump hard within our chests and those breaths we say depart from us remain drawn again routinely each day,
To say we’re breathless then could only allude to the fact that all our efforts remain spent upon their every comfort, as we fear not loss of other cohorts, for as long as The One remains, our moments remain as well, right as rain, pain itself kept at bay!
Is it all worthwhile I wonder at times, to watch our souls fritter away, in the hope that our passions, our affection, shall not be met with affectation, which would be much to our dismay,
As we sacrifice all but our bodies to this soul-mate, who “completes” us in so many a way, are we justified to entrust them with all the power to mould us like clay?

…can only be a good and a bad, the best we can ever have yet the worst we could ever live to have loved,
A paradox, life’s own teasing oxymoron, how sad this makes you, how mad you must feel, yet the truth has never been the sweetest drink to be had, nor the most palatable salad,
While The One remains as that truth, they also maintain their brand; outlier, incapable of being in-between, they remain the ones to bring you to your knees, or to cater to your every need just to see you glad,
Hence we remain helpless before them, frustrated as we are by the fact, children before them, reduced to being simple lass or lad…

…our greatest weakness, remarkably also our very shield’s thickness,
The greatest Casanova/temptress, yet the epitome of innocence,
Seemingly bent only on causing distress, but blessed with the ability to bring out nothing short of our best!

…perplexing in their every manner, yet the easiest to relate with through banter,
The most elusive one yet, even with scouts out and a forerunner!

…I am probably destined to be,
Yours in perpetuity,
If not on this planet, by the Elysian gates do wait for me,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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