Settle Down

As I sway my knees lazily to a song with the same title, I’m compelled to believe that this is the state I’ve come to achieve, no longer hostile,
I have finally settled, come to terms with myself and the peace that comes with living free of bile and thoughts vile,

“I have laid to rest the savage within, quelled the storms that threatened to overpower my will, and survived to write a new will that my memory of all that happened remain recorded in file,
And that all that I do from this point on be marked as all that I did before was tracked, so that I may know when and where I have stepped out of line…”

That’s what he said, as he walked away from his friends, cigar in hand, he was always one to obey the freshest trends,
In the dim light of the moon that shone through clouds obstinate since noon, he could still hear her voice ever so clearly as she crooned, “Leave me not Jens,”,
And yet he knew that each breath he drew away from her, though possibly his last, was one more than he would have had a chance to inhale next to her, as deadly as she was, a focused lens (on a hot summer’s day),
He was better off as he had told his mates, done with dates and the remembrance of the same, if only to tame his thirst for her embrace, the sweetness that could very well have been his end.

Jens was blessed, enough so to see that his every interaction with the lady he had left was, yes, by far his best,
But regrettably also his most difficult test yet, pushing him to extents he never imagined, and lengths that made him quiver in his sleep, arguably his wildest,
So his decision to leave the lady was but a fair consequence, a result of all his deeds and more notably his apparent misdeeds, he had to be away from what became his gut just to digest!
Lest, he be left but a silhouette of a being so well-kept, dust, fit only to be swept!

He was but a man, and she was undeniably the greatest coquette he had ever faced, so vibrant, her skin glowing even with her tan,
She was ever so willing to understand, he was but a puppet in her presence, inhibitions effaced, his eyes so wide with excitement, his heart so exposed you could almost see it in her hand!
Yet those who knew him well knew he was becoming a concern, Jens was never this hell-bent, never so determined he literally threw himself at the feet of a woman!
They were the ones who would later rescue the former gentleman, or what was left of him after his exploits with the femme fetale(who was initially only a bet)…
but were they too late, had he already turned?

A lot is yet to be learned,
But the image of her remains into his heart burned,
At this point she remains the greatest lesson he ever had to endure, certainly the hardest learnt.

For now, however, Jens continues to cleanse himself, realising that his life is better settled,
Realising that inner peace is not an affair with which to meddle,
and consciously taking control of his life, not just by the steering wheel, but also by the gears and pedals!

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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