…of luck, patience, tolerance, you name it, the state remains intact.
My indifference to all things I previously found significant has become more than just a fact, for what is a fact but a demonstration of a strongly-upheld opinion’s impact?
It is now a full-blown reality, a matter undeniable and no longer unavoidable, I am what I am, and just that!

…of the drive to strive and toil yet all that I reap for my efforts is folly and flaw, plans are all bound to be foiled,
Ends never meet and emotionally all that remains is a void all would rather avoid… But isn’t that what life is all about, the Pursuit of Happiness is but a path along which one needs to be, by hope and faith, buoyed?

Well, whatever the case, the former and the latter I now assume are wasted upon me…I am no longer a man in need of a pursuit, I am more a man turning to experienced instruction and following suit with actions that suit.
Life is but a continuing stream of bitterness and sweetness, its niceties can only ever exceed its difficulties by so much! So why the endless pursuit?
And I for one have decided that embracing fact, my apologies, REALITY, and not the fiction of infinite hope, can plod through its sloughs of relative loneliness until an eventual partnership arises, I choose to see a side of the fence where grass is yet to take root,
and instantaneously also see the point of living on that side just to see what shall spring from my own shoot…

…of it all, I believe many would say “I don’t appear to feel it any more…”,
Whatever they may see fit to deem it as, I’m inclined to believe I’m more apprehensive than completely indifferent,
Even those I would expect to show more for their mental wealth have less to exude when put to the test,
Unable to infer from intentional deeds aimed at establishing their strength and mettle, hence compromising all that they’ve built gracefully with a failure to show their best…

…but then again, I could be the problem, opinionated and stubborn,
My resolve could have clouded my judgement of what’s right for me and who’s not bringing it all?… For all I know I’m the co-efficient of all my troubles, only serving to multiply their effects and then walking straight into the resulting brick wall!
Should that be the case, then my choice of action is even better justified seeing as it involves putting everything on a stand-still and awaiting clarity, mental, emotional and spiritual,
And inevitable shall be my recovery, or at least I hope it shall, for the sake of those for whom I may fall,
and for the sake of all those who may experience vice versa and wish not to see their sentiments crushed in the midst of my raging storm.

…but oh well, who isn’t?
It’s all a matter of when it will happen for you, when it strikes though, you’ll get the hint….
But should you be lucky enough to get through life unscathed, embrace it,
You’re among the fortunate few who can own the safety of such a rarity among life’s luxuries.

…but yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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