In the randomness that defines most of my Sundays I find myself deep in thought, lost not, but my mind is fraught with musings I can only compare to those of a new pilot…
Fulfilment: High as the head I hold and the skies they are told are their limit, but as sought as peace after the World Wars were fought…
I’m inclined to believe pressure pushes me to my best but I’m steadily realising that that pressure must be my own, and not that of a world so cruel that it has evolved beyond all emotion you and I are capable of!
For that world, THIS world, shall never do my patience any justice as its pressure remains as unbearable as the torments its subjected to by Mother Nature, the tornadoes and storms that leave it bare and scarred – no longer worth thought…

I’ve established that I’m inclined to be my own monarchy, the chief monk in my own monastery, for none other shall understand my needs equally well should I fail to comprehend them adequately myself!
Being alone has only taught me that the ruse created by those rude enough to intrude can only help me find out what I must do, and so I must grit my teeth and take each day with a renewed attitude, a resolve resolute, established in solitude!
I’m best suited for none other than myself it may appear, but I’m only as good as I can make myself be and as bad as others can see through my deeds, hence she that sees all this is the only companion worth a lifetime of commitment and fortitude!…

Life has so much more to offer than DStv can ever depict,
it is a secretive crypt for each of us awaiting those with the mettle to brave hurdles, surmount them to reach the prize that it has for all, so well-kept it’s as if it were encrypted and its key coded into the encryption with it!
We must all live to see our destinies fulfilled by taking the initiative to decipher what we do best and how it helps us in our perpetual quest for, not just success, but self-fulfilment!

…We are but products of our greatest achievements and our strongest of strengths, divided by our greatest fears and most disabling weaknesses …
The mathematics that I loathe best explains the facts of matters that STILL remain abstract to all but our respective Deity… But my representation I hope, demonstrates justly the reality of man’s life experiences
The sum of all our fears is but a manifestation of our greatest potential downfall, a warning that we must heed should we wish to see our efforts justified and cries heard,
The difference between our biggest dreams and the realities that we live in is simply revealed by how much effort we put into ACHIEVING…

Personal effort, FAITH in all that we wish for ourselves, pressure to overcome that which the world imposes… all that we can wish for rests in our decisions pertinent to , albeit NOT limited to, matters such as these,
Determine what you want, work pertinaciously towards it, from the inside out, and see all that awaits you as a reward for your endeavours, be it a long-time lover or absolute power…

Yours in perpetuity,
Sharing my perception of reality,
Experienced NOT but learning, CERTAINLY,

Evans Mbora = Mbora €ampbell
=> E.M=M.E

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