The Pressure Builds

Should I fail to deliver I’m afraid I’m destined to shiver under the unforgiving leer of my senior-most peers!
There’s work to complete yet with studies it competes and I’m the grass that suffers for the two and the battles that between them ensue!
I’m left helpless, despondent and deprived of correspondence from my friend most endeared, Happiness.

Should I see all this through I promise to make an effort to find my cool, a place where I can relax and let loose,
Should I manage to get that far, I’ll set my sights on what’s near my heart and approach it as a jumper would a bar…
with passion and determination, both at par and all to see something greater achieved faster…

For now, however, I’m forced to seek divorce from all that causes me to sulk and that makes my voice hoarse,
I must seek to alleviate the suffering that I create for myself through my own actions so selfless yet inconsiderate!
Life must have intended something greater when it tended to granting me a presence in this world so daunting!

For now though,
I must content myself with present circumstances and live to see another day,…

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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