A, B, C …

I’m left perplexed by the complexity Attributed to love, “like” and destiny,

There Are Apparently timelines to the path that services a journey of such intensity that it is impossible, as with all emotional things, to describe it finitely…

Should I take a week to have my feet from below me swept in a single move, sometimes incomplete?

Am I necessarily bound to believe that Attractions grow over a year of words so sweet and gifts bought, expensive, sentimental or even cheap?

I Believe that the true qualities of all matters pertinent to heartstrings shall always remain mysteries,

It would Be simply vainglorious and overzealous to try and Break down matters of subjective clarity into pieces of description restricted by the Boundaries of what many of us deem to be REALITY…

We know not how strong the human heart can Be, how powerful the emotions that ground its purpose are, how they influence all that happens on the surface,

We are But mere mortals, guided By a part of us made to live on in another dimension, free of our Bodies and designed with infinite grace…

We are all that our soul shall accept that we Be and that our mind shall lead our hearts to feel from what we perceive,

And should we Be IN LOVE, LIKE or OTHERWISE, I see no reason why we should limit our eyes by closing them in the face of what others say,let them express their surprise,

But let them set your horizon for you, and you shall only suffer from the pain of all that you could have realised if you let yourself Be that girl/guy!

Come on now!” is what they’ll say, You’ve got it bad when you feel something but Can’t let it out, you force it down, fight to keep it at bay!

At the end of it all, Come what may, you end up being the victim of self-inflicted dismay, you’re the statistic resulting from your own delay!

“…In life not a day goes by that I Can sit still and Claim that I don’t see her face in my memories, I’m such a disgrace…”

The words of a pensive, secretive man, free of a plan and Challenging himself with a dilemma; torn between deciding whether he Can or Choosing that he Can’t …

Choose to be the better Child, learn from the ways of the wild and see that the heart is but an organ with 4 Chambers, there’s definitely someone out there, but for your soul dear son!


Yours in perpetuity,


EvAns MBora Campbell.

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