State of Sobriety

I’m alone again, ensconced amongst throngs yet lost, I’m unaware of what’s wrong!
I can’t seem to see any sign that all that blinds will resign, so I must, by myself, fight strong,
Am I meant to have all that I begin to care about dent without relent all the hopes whose fulfilment I long?

Am I wrong to pressure myself and stress about wanting more in life than a teasing caress?
Is it my destiny to face internal mutiny, contradicting all that I establish only to embellish the needs of the flesh?
I continue to build a shield for my self that it may not yield to the guilt from deeds that only go on to prove how much I transgress!

With the end drawing nearer each day, for myself I must fend and for my future I must defend all I have left,
Simple sanity has seemingly become the most priceless luxury as I wallow in the quagmire that is now my very essence, but devoid of several pieces from it cleft,
What is it that I must do to ensure all that is to ensue in future is for the betterment of all for which I believe I’m meant?

Tired of being directed to all that’s missing and not seeing what’s fitting has led me to believe that someone’s cheating,
And the laments that I sense shall see no end and seem like nonsense are backed by a genuine feeling,
A feeling that compels me to expel thee from my life and finally be free to experience TRUE healing,
And by that feeling then I shall pursue what is beyond this ceiling you left above me, I shall stop clinging and seek what is more fulfilling, recovery!

Never to be yours again in perpetuity,
Gone with the winds of the innocence you stripped from me,

Evans Mbora Campbell,
Representing the state of Sobriety

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