The Seeing Blind

In life there has to come a time when even the facts become uncertain,
When the simplest becomes the most complex and nothing else seems to make sense, not even your very essence!
For at such a point the whole system you live by, with all its structure, becomes disjoint and devoid of its former finesse…
The pulchritude of life must be in escaping such moments,
for I presently fail to see how anyone can live with the circumstance and bear such misery, it’s simply nonsense!
And all that it ever does to one is make them none, and as committed as a nun to a cause they, ironically, cannot understand…

Life is a confusing stream to swim in,
One whose waters flow with no definite tide and making a decision on which side to wallow to proves unforthcoming,
Yet when all appears lost, when the cold sets in and all is covered in frost, you too are as unyielding,
You refuse to be the initiator, and instead you remain the stationary failure you chose to become, yet you still believe yours is a quest plagued by injustice.

Yet, ultimately, we all must suffer the blow from life’s uneven hammer,
We must toss and turn at night and wish we could burn, before a spark becomes fire, just as lightning is seen before thunder,
We must see before we fail to do so, we must be the blind to seek sight once again, and appreciate it once more.

Yours in perpetuity,

Seeing blind and in therapy,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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