It’s Amazing How…

…I find myself helpless and negligent before you,
All I want revolves around the smile I want to see on your face so fair and true
All I seem to have the ability to see is embodied in the beauty that is, that will always be, THEE,
If I could so much as devote myself to you as my cause, as one who seeks to aid the world even with its flaws, charity,
I would truly and most certainly die happy!

You alone seem to ignite the fires that died along with my might and the will to stay strong,
You seem to be the water I had foregone, the air I once thought pungent and strong is reborn to take on a new form when you walk in, even when ensconced in a throng!
I could and dare not imagine the emotions I would suffer should I ever wake up to find you gone, to realise that I must return to a life from which I have sworn to put in the past and behind me long!

How is it that you set me free to be filled with glee, to grin without fear, and show even my most embattled of sweet teeth?
How is it that you grant me a second chance and even more for with you two become three, and those return as four until I am helpless and on the floor, my insatiable tastes, finding their fill in your incredible capacity to provide more than just the satisfactory!
You alone can claim to have heralded a throne on this world we do not own, for only you could ever muster such impeccable quality while remaining an undeniable (even though questionable for your heavenly ensemble) part of humanity!

And with those few words my lovely exception,
I wish to now, with finality, mention,

That I am:
Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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