Matatu thoughts…

Given that I’m presently already running late,
And it’s day two of fighting with the same ineluctable fate,
I’m beginning to think that my life is leaning towards putting me in situations comprising that I may take the initiative to win my own debate,
Should I be in the same situation tomorrow, moving so dangerously close to being difficult to tame and ruining each appointment, meet-up or date,
I do believe an intervention will be required, I can’t be that wired to not making it to a place!

The driver, well, he could probably do better,
But who am I to say so when I can’t do half the hours he does a day, hater,
I should, reasonably, give up being so negative when the blame rests with me, probably forever,
Sad how I couldn’t fly like I dreamt last night when I woke up this morning and had breakfast.

The conductor, well, his dreadlocks COULD indeed do with a splash of water,
Throw in some shampoo and I think their current state you could, positively, alter,
Aside from that, I admire his ability to leap onto and into moving vehicles, agility that does not falter!
Though I sometimes fear I may be forced by circumstance to witness the unbearable incident when that skill DOES falter,
A premonition I dismiss all to eagerly for its negative nature.

I do believe I’m done being random and capricious, at least for now,
As I stare at my wrist watch and half-heartedly accept the fact that I’m even later and time, as I’d wished, has not slowed down,
I must rest my fears and hope I make it in time.

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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