The miasma that is life…

In the midst of all my thoughts I at times find myself lost,
But tougher battles and more rattles I have faced and fought,
Yet here I am, seated on stairs, avoiding blank stares and feeling like I’m devoid of direction and plot,
My story remains one of confusion, despite the illusion of focus I attempt to create for myself, my indecision is as conspicuous as the world’s moral rot!

So where am I?
What is it that I attempt to say or do that seems hidden from the naked eye?
Why must I put up with so much yet at the end of it all I’m left with is but a sigh and hopes once high that now run dry!
Is it that life is just that devious, just this mysterious, is it that I’m destined to be an unfortunate guy?
Am I bound to be subject to the nose of the hound that is misfortune, or is life determined to see me accosted by challenge after challenge as I watch time pass me by and refuse to live a lie?
Life is hard, others hearts are cold, but is it so, that so must be mine?
I’m faced with an offer in this case, that I’m hard-pressed to decline…

In the fight to survive and as I seek to thrive in a world ridden with cries from all who have suffered at the hands of moral demise,
Only my resolve can see me through all of the hardships that come with the times,
Only strength of both character, heart and mind,
Can lead me to be positively inclined to seek what is right in my own eyes…

Therefore I shall embrace what I must and refuse to just acquiesce,
For as every NO must be clear, so must every YES!
And nothing less than what is best can be accepted if indeed I seek to be worthy of even being in the shadow of finesse!
Tricky as it may be, I must be blind yet see, that life is not always the fair lady we wish to caress,
Sometimes it’s sweet in jest,
That it’s mendacity we may naively ingest and then live to regret.
I for one have decided not to live out such a script, for I do believe I’m better off making my OWN, the thought of anything else I dare not bear or digest!

So, where do you stand in all this, dear reader, noble friend,
Do you choose to stand for what’s most appropriate or what you deserve?
Are you a slave to all that’s brought forth by life and love?

Goodbye for now, do ponder upon all the above.

As always,
Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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