So, 2 days into the new year,
Technically three because I was unable to keep my promise and now feel insincere,
Here’s my first post for 2012, a year in which prospects await to be utilised, others shelved.

The last year had its moments, many to be cherished and others best buried instead,
But the most important developments going forward involve simple yet elusive aspects,
Such as being indifferent to regret,
Having the willpower to forget what wasn’t best,
Only to selectively remember what good came out of the mistakes that happened, some resulting from jest.

With the new year comes a fresher slate,
But this is not to be confused with a different set of plates,
The meals may have changed, but what you eat them with remains inevitably YOU, despite how much you debate,
In the hope that I’ve made some sense I will hope that you can take my words with you as you plan ahead and try to beat fate…

And I hope to see you at the end of yet another calendar year, on the 31st of December as opposed to the premature predicted date.

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