Now I Realise…

…that for 18 long years of my life,
I thought that me and you were never meant to see anything more than strife,
That irrespective of the fact that you raised me through so much, you were but my father’s wife,
But today it was confirmed that you were a mother, and that despite all the times I thought you wanted me to stick myself with a knife,
We were only seemingly enemies because we were so alike!

…you pushed me to my limits, just to show me that I could do it,
You told me what was to be reserved for pundits, because you and I BOTH thought like realists,
You made me see that life was more than just a rat race, you needed to be smart too to overcome it!
You showed me that despite how much we fought, I can now show clearly how much what you taught during those fights has been of benefit!

I owe you my life, but even that would be an understatement,
None other than my own father and Our Father have kept me for so long, and that’s far from an overstatement!
I seem to have overlooked how much you meant,
Which is probably why I always thought you and I were bound to a life of enmity and cold shoulders whenever we met!
In actual fact, if we took the time to realise it, we would see that we were so similar in wiring that we were simply each other’s best!
Had we sat to think about that though, we would have lost the constant drive we had, to continually put our limits to the test and see our best!
And THAT, is what keeps me from regret,
It is what makes me put so much passion into everything I can spare time for, school, AIESEC,
Even in those who show me they care I invest,
Just because you taught me that friendship is a two-way street that people must respect,
and one where there can be no such thing as one-sided interest!

…that it was all a necessity,
That you and I were bound for all our bickering naturally,
Just so we could survive to be at the vanguard in each and every activity we put our minds to with clarity!
The realisation, I must say, felt like serendipity,
And I’m admittedly happy because I can forgive myself after what I thought would lead to my quiet insanity,
The realisation has given me a new lease in life, one that I intend to use charitably,
Just to make sure that your memory doesn’t become lost with the letters R.I.P,
To attempt to impact all I can as positively as you did is a cause I’m pledging allegiance to all too willingly!

…that you are the best mum I can ever have,
The mother I’m grateful to for all the above,
The iron lady who went out fighting that I may stay resilient even when life shows no love!

…that you and I didn’t hate each other, we loved each other enough to see to it we got the best in life while we could,
We cared enough to see each other through the hardest times by being so close even when we seemed so distant,
We were simply the oxymoron of relationships, paradoxically inclined to hate to love each other, yet the ever-dominant emotion was always the latter.

You’re forever in my heart dear mother,

I remain yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.
Proud son and, of this piece, writer…

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