My Motivation Speech…

Some say I have a way with words,
Yet I’m amazed at how difficult it has been to write all that I’m about to recite, I simply can’t express what AIESEC has, in my life, done,
In a span of a year and 4 months,
It has become the only organisation I’m a part of and wholeheartedly love!

It has given me friends and a special family,
A reason to seek life’s clarity,
A direction I would probably be lost to had I remained JUST another student in Strathmore University,
It’s an entity I can be associated with proudly!

And yet it hasn’t been the smoothest of journeys,
But that has never stopped men of heart, and I don’t believe I’m fainthearted, even with my inequities!

Albeit I was once sure this was not the gig for me,
Certain I would withdraw my membership and live to see another day with dignity,
Until I realised how that would be utter stupidity,
Having pestered Jared so persistently just to join AIESEC MOMENTARILY?
Why be so quick to lose my sanity?

And in a last-ditch attempt to rescue my opinions,
I decided to travel to another country and see if AIESEC could convince me to alter my decision,
What I found was beyond my wildest expectations!

The realisation that there’s more to AIESEC than just me,
The fact that this organisation is one for the altruistic and not the selfish,
Led me to drop my ambitions so embellished to actively be a part of something more fulfilling!

Indeed, I admit it takes heart to be in OGX,
Not the kind that gets you over your most precious ex,
But the kind that allows you to endure each and every student that is to your patience a test!
The kind that gives you strength when an information session fails despite countless emails and texts!
That kind of heart is what I’ve learnt I possess,
And its potential to endure, though not limitless,
Is what I believe will ensure a portfolio renown not just for success,
But also for a penchant for finesse!

In the end I believe,
That these are not sweet words meant to deceive,
But simply confessions of what this gentleman promises to give…

I can’t do this alone,
I may attempt to be great but all would be futile if I approached this task as a wolf lone,
Thus I ask that you to endorse me with your vote,
Hoping this piece convinces you I’m a candidate devout.

For it is from the bottom of my heart,
Composed in the front seat of a mat,

Yours in perpetuity,

E.M.M.C… ME…

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