She said…

… “I don’t feel the same way about you”…

And he was left to look at her as if his ears were doing him wrong too,
Certain that they were the only faculty he never had to refer twice to,
But nudged impulsively by her “response” to his proposal to!
Yet the truth was standing in front of just where he stood,
5ft. 2″ with an attitude!
One he had admittedly become inextricably drawn to, that which had now left him torn in two!

…”Let’s just be friends”…

Having been in the loop about recent trends,
He was sure this was the zone he and the boys had coloured red,
Not out of boredom or necessity, but because the colour addressed the danger therein present!
He was doomed, 5 years and 5 months and the closest prefix for friend he would get,
Was not boy- but best- …

…”You’re like a brother to me”…

The first two retorts he had mumbled to himself, filled with uncertainty!
Was he guilty for leaving her mind to wander so freely that it left him seen only as family?
Or was his undying love and clear commitment what led to her grossly misconstrued idea of reality?
Whichever the case, most certainly,
he wouldn’t be sitting at the table as father, in ANY future, as he had dreamed recently!

…well, she said a lot,
All these ladies we dedicate our time and energy to leave more than just blots when they say NO to those who, for their hearts, have fought,
Therefore I’m left to assume that the
Friends Zone exists not as a result of our own fault,
But because both parties play a part in its inception, one blind, the other NOT,
One truthful of their intention, the other simply foregoing a mention!
Which eventually leads to that blood-curdling tension when a man has to deal with a fresh plate of rejection…

Irrespective of all that I have clearly represented,
I shall always be revolted by uncalled for family or friendly allusion,
If indeed you and I share an opposing vision,
I would much rather see a proper conclusion than a pure illusion!

I remain,

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

(should you justify being granted my presence till eternity)

2 thoughts on “She said…

  1. Brenda wahiga says:

    hahaha! nice graghical illustration…i like!
    i c u still writing, dat was always ua favarite thing…keep up the spirit!! Adios


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