Just L.E.G (Like Every other Guy)

I would say it’s easy to resort to the conclusion that his habits fall in line,
Putting it in statistical terms given my academic background, you could be forgiven for assuming he is, to a normal distribution, inclined,
But I would be even quicker to surmise,
That all we see is but the limitation of our eyes,
For what beneath lies,
Is far more intricate than the words “You’re just like all guys”…

In truth, his father had told him to expect such,
For what is a world so beautiful yet devoid of a dull touch?
Is it not just a waste on Creativity’s part?
to make all so beautiful yet forget that even the greatest works of art-
always failed to please at least ONE critic’s heart!

(But back to his father’s words before I lose myself in my unimportant rant…)

As I said, his father had indeed warned him that there would be ladies who believed the perfect match,
Was that which served a different purpose from its boxed counterparts,
And though I may speak metaphorically, he understood those words to mean just that…

So, philosophy in hand, strategy at heart, he soldiered through life,
Always proving to be selectivity lacklustre when faced with those he deemed “Strife”,
He sought not to fight,
Should a lady proceed to judge him too early, there was no point in pushing matters, especially to her delight,
So to each who threw the book at him and put him down, a name off his list he would strike,
And for each whom he knowingly gave reason for spite,
He would be accepting of his plight,
And deal with its unrelenting bite…

In the end,
Presently he has his eyes set,
It’s solo and everyone should know he’s a no-go for now, but you can bet,
that having been so for so long has left him not upset-
but unwilling to be distracted from his quest;
even when it seems the longer he looks for her, (his confidante and partner) probably equally distressed-
the more he seems to suffer the oppression that all loners must be subject to, GREATLY to describe it best!

He is but a piece in his own puzzle, but those he meets either fit in or distort the final result, even when met in jest!
Thus he wonders what he must do if indeed there is true partnership to be established in this world full of reactions rehearsed… What road would lead to the FINAL test?
Or is everything a prelude to the next, and all that’s subsequent its equivalent?
Implying that the search is ultimately infinite and its result indefinite!

He alone can find out for himself,
And answers that he gleans can only be of benefit to others that succeed him, should he be blessed with such good health,
But in the end,
in the end, it is life and love that shall forever best all his interests!

On his behalf I sign off, that you may be left to ponder upon the rest,
And hope that you shall remember him as you remember me, the simple poet,
For I am but his mouth while his calls out for her on his quest…

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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