In pursuit of happiness …

Rarely do I get so inspired,
I do believe this whole discussion about panaceas that give rise to happiness has ignited a desire,
Well, if so… Then may this piece seek, not to douse, but to fuel that fire…

It was about a year and a few months ago that he resolutely retired,
Deeming himself bruised and injured, he was fit to be tired!
He had survived two by two months of what could only be described as what all others admired,
But the time had come for him to face the truth of matters and realise that even lovers can live as liars.
Of course all this was proof that me, myself and I neither qualifies as “all others” nor a multitude of admirers…

Painful as it sounds, those tears from his heart and their accompanying groans,
Have only served to strengthen him, down to the very bone…
For what is defeat if not a stepping stone,
What is love if not a deadly tone?
We all sing of its power, forgetting how easily it also devours,
And in the end, who’s to blame when for our own mistakes we must atone?

But I insist not on looking too critically at ourselves.
No, in fact, we must keep that moment as short as an elf,
And soon after move on to looking towards a future trained by the pain now shelved,
For in truth, living in retrospect can only leave us in a state in which we are beyond help,
And why would anyone want that for themselves except when seeking their own death?

It takes time to lose the urge to refer back, reminiscent, to the past,
But time is a borrowed resource whose interest is not paid by being obsessive about that which is long gone for all of us,
Instead, putting all our efforts into the present to secure our futures we must,
For doing anything more than just learning from what’s past is a loss to all that’s worthwhile and before us cast.

Life’s tough,whether we admit it or not, people come and go, some with impact,
Others just leave us scarred, negative as it may be, there’s no fire without the potential to leave one burnt!
And in the event that we live denying all that others can do to influence our hearts,
The only way for any of us to go is down and not up.

Whichever way you choose to go,
I think it would be good for you to know,

That yours in perpetuity shall always hold,
Even as Evans Mbora Campbell grows old.


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