In this way…

It takes two to tango…
…we all know that a marvellous dance routine becomes more than just superficial,
We all hear that “Such is life”,
…we find a way to survive and control our pitch lest we become fifes
It takes years to grow to love, yet amazingly a single act can cause spite,
…,a vicious but necessitated way, human nature justifies each and every fight
I have more to live for, but none of the more right now,
…all that I have achieved is worth throwing away, hence I leap ten floors to a new home, the ground.

So many things I could rant and rave about,
Each in its own way a positive, negative or perplexing enigma, some that just fill me with doubt,
Yet my words are at times the result of a constant battle with such instances,
The war looming over me is ineluctably imminent, yet trouble never seems to want to lengthen the distance between us!

I honestly grow tired of all the confusion that comes with every turn,
But growing weary in a desert never made the sun ease its burn,
So with that in mind I am forced to sojourn in spaces fit not for men of such great form,
And I complain and bicker, albeit to myself, someone’s listening I figure,
Only to realise in my depression, that indeed life is a far bigger picture,
…it keeps me sober and focused on it, even with its drama and mean sister karma!

Should I continue …
I honestly believe the end will leave me disillusioned about the start,
And my lost stream of thoughts will only serve to frustrate a good story and work of art,
Thus, as randomly as this began it must end,
and with that I shall set done my mind’s pen.

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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