I think it’s worth it…

Well, it has officially been, quite a while, if anyone counts for him,
And yet he still feels, despite all of Life’s and Love’s appeals, that Solo is the name f for his team,
True, there was once a time, but that was a different regime, one with a paradoxically inclined dream,
But now it would seem, things are better kept clean, after all, who doesn’t want a lifestyle pristine,
One they know is within control, the eject button is, for them, always within reach…

But then again arises the matter of being just that, a human being,
One who, by his meagre philosophical knowledge of such things, is prone to emotions, sentiments, passions and feelings,
And irrespective of how you order them, they bring complications to the idea that one can manage these affairs so dirty while remaining clean,
Life has taught him well, and from its teachings he has learnt to sit back and glean,
And when it all comes too fast, then he must trust his very inklings,
Hoping against all odds, that they lead not to worse and less forthcoming happenings!

But how far can he control the unconsciousness of his actions,
The answer to that lies in the consciousness of his control I believe, and even that is limited in this world where uncertainty is synonymous with every decision,
And where lack of proof, sometimes the most inevitable result of all thought processes, leaves one’s reliance on being conscious about matters, a dead man’s prayer at his execution!

So what does he do, considering all the challenges that lay ahead and have left him bled,
Well, he believes he must walk on, even though his wounds are open and unattended,
He must find his own way to fulfilment without being led,
And whether or not he must fall into another well-knit and makeshift bed,
One full of roses and a heavenly scent,
Remains mainly beyond his control, even though it is at the root of all his dreads!

For now though, his efforts to avoid all these matters best left to those who truly feel,
Is, in my opinion a worthwhile one; why must he suffer as if ill,
Only because of a simple case of bickering?
Or a day when she went missing and he couldn’t get through to her despite tirelessly trying?

Well, on his behalf I wish all with the same predicament, worse or better,
A mind clear and a conscious clearer,
That they may persevere and see that all’s not lost with a lady’s disappearance,
Sometimes, he says, being single is an important form of distance!

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Campbell.

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