The Decisions I make…

…are rather rushed, spurred on by the semblance of promise established in an instant,
They tend to leave me in a quagmire, confused and abused by the consequences of my own lack of hesitance,
Should I pursue this, I expect and feel justified to suspect, that I’ll lose my essence,
and with it, my chance to be enthralled and taught by life’s dance.

…are quick and sharp, rather curt if observed by the blunt,
But sometimes I know not what to trust in this world where even words can cut,
If it is all this madness that I must embrace, then I choose to say that I am left no choice but to say I shan’t,
I refuse to live by the lies and hastes of this earth, that only leave my blinded by lust,
I instead choose a different path, one along which I am content in the fact-
that my decisions guided my way, and that I sailed the ship that forged my past!

…must be full of tact,
for what is a world devoid of that which makes an impact?
The answer to that-
it remains but a domain for the ignorant, no better than when it was imagined flat,
Just as misunderstood as the thought itself, and without guidance,
and that defines all I must not fall to, what I do not, for myself, want!

…are everything BUT attempts at being smart,
for all I can ever do is try and try until I content my heart,
and the only way I know how to do that is by deciding, playing my part,
Surely the right interpretation of such an act can’t be asking for too much?
And if it may prove to be just that, it never hurt to just ask

…shall forever remain mine, none can take them from me despite the portraits they paint,
Irrespective of the lives they taint,
They remain mine and determine not my fate,
but the deeds that must be done to either clean my slate-
or deal with what I have on my plate.

…need not be the subject of debate for those they do not frustrate,
For their number I am not obliged to mitigate,
I must think for me, then delegate,
I am my worst enemy, and my decisions are either my foreboding spade,
or the winning ace!

…leave me,
Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

3 thoughts on “The Decisions I make…

  1. Othman says:

    “I am my worst enemy, and my decisions are either my foeboding spade, or the wining ace.”
    i like this line its just perfectly writen out and its one those things that we practically over see or over look yet we are enemies of our own creation, good stuff man!!!


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