As yet another day passes…

… I see the harsh reality that is the human life,
Actually, I shall take back those words and state that what’s cruel is actually the world and all its strife,
A point in time comes where men must wonder if there’s really any end to the fights,
The difficulty and problems that simply seem bent on seeing us all burnt, it’s as if this realm only views us with spite.

…the realisation that life is no walk in the park gets more deeply entrenched in my mind,
Yet it’s amazing to think that the depth of such entrenchment makes it more difficult to find!
So I wake up with the intent to change my ways and be upright,
Only for me to lose focus of my own idea and as such, subject myself to a different plight,
In the end I’m simply left to wonder, is this why sometimes we say that it is to ourselves that we are unkind?

…and I listen to the materiality of all the music released in this day,
The drugs, sex and money all around make sense, that’s really all I can say,
For as much as I may indulge then pull out to look at the rest in dismay,
I’m still a participant in the vices that I once claimed to face with a passion and a goal, EACH time I am swayed!

…I wonder how long I can escape with a void excuse,
In case you’re puzzled at the thought of what this could be, it goes something like “I’m just enjoying the spoils of my youth!”,
A statement which is the appropriate paraphrasing of each and everything that me and my mates have justified that has been of no use,
Yet we still go ahead as if oblivious to the fact that life would be better lived without the intricacies that we ourselves, in it, put.

…I see the light but continue to ignore the fact that it’s actually quite bright!
I advance as if blinded yet I see all that’s in my line of sight,
I can persist in the belief that there’s a good chance of my luck lasting forever but how long will that keep the flame of truth within me alight?
For deep down, in the part of me I choose not to delight,
(The part that wants the least from me yet I remain obstinate and make no attempt to do it right),
I sincerely know that all the good I once stood for could take flight,
Leaving me a shadow of my past self and a reflection of an ugly future which, avoid, I must!

…it leaves me to realise for myself the need to expedite the transition to a better man,
For, in truth, the ghosts looming over the future are much worse than those I thought frightening once!

… I seek to better my integrity,
And assure myself and you that indeed,
I shall remain,
Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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