Im still different…

Many a time gentlemen come across ladies,
And like all men, get flustered by the beauty that from these beings radiates!
In fact, sometimes, just sometimes, one gets so confused that in addition to their heart’s race,
Their own thoughts they cannot seem to trace!

Well, having been in such situations in recent times,
And having been viewed differently because of taking a moment to analyse and consequently, compromise,
I realised just how important it is to stop to consider what’s before your eyes,
Before letting it completely leave you mesmerized!

I was blown away by fairness,
But if that alone drove my decisions, I would be no different from a mindless slayer with a muted conscience!
And the eventuality of all my actions would inevitably be a horrendous mess!

So, by mitigating the risk of being miserable in the near future-
and having to break a heart in an attempt to do so, make me a hypocritical preacher?
Standing for whatever chivalry remains in this world but not expected to, sometimes, falter!
Well, in my honest opinion, I’m better off giving exactly that, my honest opinion without a stutter!
For at the end of the day, what it all comes down to is whether the lady and I would amount to more than just two sharing banter,
and actually matter!

Therefore, in my defense, I’m still different,
Though I may be judged for letting the mind determine what the heart couldn’t factor, gambles never would have saved me when danger was imminent,
And I, therefore, decided to walk away from something priceless, because I would never know how to live with myself had I left the upright bent,
and because within me, the heart may want but the mind must make the last judgment!

That’s all from me,
The truth and what I regard verities,

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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